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Virtual gallery of visual art Nine Gallery was founded in May, 1999.

Our exposition presents masters of the arts that appeared on the Moscow art scene in second half of the 1980s.

In the twentieth century the "death of painting" and the "end of art" where announced many times, but the painting is still alive and there still are artists using oil paints and primed canvases. These artists, are traditional and modern at the same time because they are filling old forms with new content.
"Now, among the many sincere attempts "to infuse fresh spirit" in the arts and more abundant attempts to capitalize on any kind of innovation, we find artists who paint oil on canvas in about realistic style. Is this contemporary art? To draw an analogy with music, a modern is music, written by our contemporary, regardless of the musical instrument, which it is implemented.
Yes, these are contemporary artists, because their works express their deepest feelings, beliefs and experiences - feelings, beliefs and experiences of our contemporaries. And at the same time, because of the sincerity and warmth their art is in the same row that the best pieces of the world picturesque tradition." Pavel Schukin, Baumanskaja School of Painting

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about gallery